R E L A T I V I T Y   T R A I L
   Special Relativity in absolute terms ..
   .. reveals what is transpiring behind the scenes of Einstein's treatment.

   Relativity Trail diagrams Einstein's clock sychronization in 
   absolute terms, explains the time differential, and ends all confusion 
   regarding relative frames of reference.  It's completely compatible 
   with, and in fact subsumes, Einstein's relativity.
   The Science Museum of Minnesota bookstore gave this book 
   a special place of honor, upright and center, on their front table.
   It was the first thing visitors saw walking through the door.

   Also sold at the University of Minnesota.


   Overview (read this first): "Twin Paradox in Relativity"

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   errata  (diagram on page 65, fifth edition)

The twin paradox of special relativity cannot 
be resolved without acknowledging a hierarchy 
of clock rates dependent on a hierarchy of 
inertial motion.

This book grew out of the author's development 
of special relativity using absolute versions of 
Einstein's postulates.  This treatment of special 
relativity shows that the Twins Paradox is no paradox.

Synonymous terminology:  twin paradox, twins paradox, clock paradox

The back cover of Relativity Trail :


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   Relativity Trail has 192 pages with 
   60 colored diagrams and 76 colored illustrations.

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