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measured mass increase by parties of different inertial frames.
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PAGES 29-30:

More emphasis on the following is needed on these pages:  
We don't for a second believe that communication between electrons
would route directly through the atom forth and back via the
nucleus.  That device is simply used to reduce the argument to two
vector components.  Actual communication between electrons would
be by way of virtual photon events between neighboring electrons
of the same shell as well as the neighboring shell; finally between
electrons of the inner shell and the nucleus.  The arrangement of
the sum total of these interactions sums up to the same situation
as the simple perpendicular - parallel consideration.  

If one thinks of electrons as simply popping in and out of 
existence, rather than shifting about, then the picture is a
bit more abstract.  But the relocation events would still be
considered to be restrained by light speed.  Also more abstract,
would be the use of waveforms.  In that case, it is the spacing
of peaks and valleys whose adjustments are constrained by light

As printed, it reads as follows:

"Thus, the POR holds true for mechanics for the very reason it holds
true for electromagnetics."

It would be better put as follows:

"Thus, the POR holds precisely true for mechanics for the very reason
it holds true for electromagnetics."

See bottom paragraph of page 22.

"If A and B clock rates were actually equivalent regardless of their
respective inertial frames..."

PAGE 125
Footnote added:
Note:  Some readers might be aware of experimental evidence 
regarding Earth's motion relative to the cosmic background 
radiation.  It is popularly interpreted as a measure of 
Earth's motion relative to the universe.  If true, then such 
structure must have evolved uniformly everywhere, and would 
be our best evidence for an area of physics that relativity 
cannot address.  It would also indicate a universe of 
inflation, which we'll leave for the reader to ponder.  
It is possible, however, that this structure is not uniform 
and we are measuring our motion relative to a local 

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