Virtually nothing on the pages of Relativity Trail 
will be found anywhere else.

Original and unique content in Relativity Trail 
which sets it apart from the works of Poincare, 
Lorentz and Einstein includes, in order of 

Postulates, observations and assumptions

The time-keeping differential between reunited
clocks, which necessarily favors one party over
the other, serves as proof of an absolute
(though experimentally indiscernible) frame of
reference.  i.e. there is a "truth of the matter".

Spacetime is shown to be dependent on Einstein's
clock synchronization method, and is properly 
relegated to a geometrical construct which 
comes up short as a physical reality.

The ramifications of Einstein's two versions
of his second postulate are analyzed and

It is shown that the elimination of a universal 
(absolute) frame of reference leaves us with a 
circular definition of inertial frame, and with 
an unresolvable twin paradox of one's own making.

Mach's Principle is shown to apply to a
hierarchy of inertial motion.

Actual constancy of light speed is given a basis 
in the interchangeability of matter and energy.

Clock functioning is defined.

A basis is provided for the equivalence 
of clock functioning and biological aging.

The Galilean Principle of Relativity is properly
considered to be inextricably bound with 
synchronization of motion along different axes.

Length contraction is given a Machian basis 
and is formally derived.


Symmetry of measuring across inertial frames 
is diagrammed in absolute terms.

Constancy of light speed measure, independent
of inertial frame, is diagrammed in absolute terms.

The twin paradox is trivially dispensed with.

The indeterminacy of one's motion relative 
to the universe is demonstrated.

Einstein's clock synchronization 
is diagrammed in absolute terms.

Einstein's mu and lambda are explained 
in absolute terms.

The symmetrical measure of inelastic collisions 
across inertial frames, with transfer of mass, 
is diagrammed in absolute terms.

E = mc^2 is derived from an absolute basis.

Also, importantly

Complexity gives rise to the meaningfulness 
of inertial properties.

"Simple universe" twin paradoxes are debunked.

And, of course, much more.


Phrases/terminologies originated in Relativity Trail include:

  Time differential between reunited clocks

  Inertial properties

  Light serves as the messenger of moments.

  Hierarchy of clock rates

  Heirarchy of inertial motion

  From the perspective of light, time and distance are 
  the same thing.
  From light's perspective, it is everywhere at once.


From page 86 of Relativity Trail:

Let's examine Einstein's assignment of tA - tB = tB - t'A 
in the context of the universal frame.

Consider the following situation in the context of the 
universal frame:

Clock B is in the positive direction of the AB motion from
clock A, the AB system has an absolute velocity of .6, and
A and B have a rest spatial separation of 1 ls (.8 
contracted) as seen against the universal reference frame.

Einstein's definition of what constitutes a synchronization
of those two clocks dictates that B's reading will be 
.6 second less than A's reading as seen against the universal
frame, .6 being the velocity of AB. (1)

   Keep in mind that Einstein had no awareness of this 
   superimposition onto the universal frame, and thus no 
   awareness of these numerical values. (2)

Using this convention (the assignment of tA - tB = tB - t'A)
amounts to a disregard of an analytical incorporation of an
absolute frame of reference.  It is in keeping with 
Einstein's notion of simultaneity, wherein he elevates a 
direct observation of distant events to a pseudo-reality 
of simultaneity, or lack thereof, for a given observer.  

1.  See the appendix for my (very long) formal derivation 
    of this.

2.  This superimposition diagram, along with any concept
    associated with it, is unique to Relativity
    Trail.  You won't find it elsewhere.

© 2008 Roger Luebeck